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  1. Hey there, Storyboard artist for hire
  2. Alow one to introduce ones self.....
  3. Animator Needed
  4. Just Shot 35mm Feature in 11 Days...
  5. New Industry Website - Networking, Events, Jobs et al.
  6. Documentry Filmaker....
  7. the art of self promotion
  8. Do you need an Actor/Stunt driver + much more ?
  9. *ACTRESS* - View resume & headshot
  10. How do you find actors?
  11. international project open to all!
  12. "The Side Roads"
  13. Freelance NEWs representative! BUSH, BLAIR, AZNAR
  14. Original songs/music for projects
  15. What attracts an audience to an independent film?
  16. Echo, A Rock and Roll Tragedy
  17. Atlanta based networking and screening event...
  18. Do You Know These Actors?
  20. chat session this weekend.
  21. Film related free downloads
  22. NEW Writer's Group in Wilmington, NC
  24. Met Fellow Filmmakers and See My Film for Free!
  25. Are you an Asian filmmaker trying to connect with others?
  26. Film in the Making
  27. I need locations
  28. Need help finding a good crew
  29. Indy Flick "Dreamers" on DVD & Video
  30. Help us with affiliates please!
  31. How should I try to get my foot in the door?
  32. is it possible....?
  33. New to this forum and I'm in search of...
  34. Looking for Texas-based crew and/or indie filmmaker
  35. Call For Entries
  36. 16 yr old guy with 66 episodes of tv aired
  37. New Indie Group for Arizona
  38. Invitation to cultural exchange with NM-ftv
  39. crew agents?
  41. Dramas and comedies?
  42. Looking to shoot a Trailer for "CotO" pilot
  43. Training
  44. Las Vegas Film Web Group
  45. Worm Virus
  46. International Project
  47. Choreography Networkin
  48. Filming in Ottawa?
  50. Looking for help in Hampton Roads
  51. Looking for an Editor in LA?
  52. The Monkey's Paw
  53. Sound Editor Needed...
  54. Internet Script / Line Rehearsal Software Idea
  55. how2goaboutit?
  56. r there markets?
  57. Multi Media Meeting for Michigan Artists
  58. The Monkey's Paw Music
  59. realistic hanging
  60. film.. forum.. place...
  61. Looking for indie filmmakers...
  62. Don't Lose
  63. my new film
  64. Just saying hi to the group.
  65. Looking for scripts!!
  66. philadelphia
  67. student looking for summer film experience
  68. Merry Christmas
  69. Newbee here.
  70. Just wanting to introduce myself!!!
  71. Canadian actor/ aspiring film maker
  72. What do most Indie. films use?
  73. War Scene or Dream Sequence?
  74. Helping hand's all about networking
  75. Vampira... an introduction
  76. filmmakers of baltimore
  77. low-budget animted film?
  78. Midwest
  79. Producer Wanted
  80. My screenplay and film equipment
  81. Hello Forum!!!!
  82. New to the board...
  83. Preproduction press release
  84. any good production websites out there?
  85. Need audio editing or scoring?
  86. New Here
  88. Special effects (i think this is the right forum)
  89. New Here
  90. Interesting network site.
  91. Benefits For Production People???
  93. Women Film Makers/ Writers in the UK
  94. Anyone near Montana?
  95. New Guy
  97. Indie Cable Program Seeking Submissions
  98. Please help me with my documentary
  99. Feedback for Horror Project Concept Capsule
  100. New Here
  101. Cheap help in Toronto - Canada
  102. Any Summer Projects in Dallas?
  103. cartoon animation or horror movie, Film Score Composer?
  104. Does your film have Music?
  105. Urgent - Anyone have good contacts in Argentina?
  107. Anything happening in NE Florida?
  108. How can I get Adrien Brody in film?
  109. Atlanta anybody? Shooting in Atlanta looking for help.
  110. Attention CSU Students!
  111. filmmaker offering martial arts choreography
  112. would anyone like to hear some music I made for my film?
  113. Fan Films welcome on Indietalk?
  114. Movie a day from being complete but Mayhem Complete or resho
  115. Im a New Member here, so i thought id introduce myself !
  116. Record Label - music available, cheap rates.
  117. From California to Austin, TX. Anyone make the move ...
  118. New website with trailers & music
  119. little kids
  120. Somewhere In Indiana now in Postproduction
  121. San Antonio Networking Party
  122. New Royalty Free Song: Cowboy Stress
  123. Free songs part two
  124. Indie Projects Need Representation Too!
  125. sourmonkey music
  126. looking for computer animators
  127. seeking talented cast and crew in KC
  128. Seeking funding for several low budget films
  129. The Roadblocks and Resistance
  130. Vegas-IndiesTV New show to hit Vegas.
  131. Washington/BC area?
  132. Filmmakers in Ohio
  133. german filmmaker asking for help --> international movie project
  134. The Legend Begins
  135. Music Solutions?...!
  136. music available for you-free
  137. This Sunday I'll reveal secret about volunteers and your movie
  138. Innovative New Documentary needs Crew
  139. Filmmusic Composer
  140. VegasIndiesTV still needs more films......
  141. finished my screenplay and want to make my first film in n.j(cheaply)
  142. digital film making book or tape for dummies
  143. Creating a Complete Film Package for Investors
  144. So you think you've got a movie?
  146. Do you think...
  147. SPFX in Vancouver BC
  148. hey, directorix or anyone for first time film maker
  149. Godfather Spoof
  150. Professional Audio Solutions
  151. First Project - The Lord of the Mojo
  152. Seeking Financing For Miami Feature Film
  153. Treatment or Not???
  154. Urban Films
  155. Trevor Brown
  156. Boston metro post-production help4u...
  157. Distribution for a short
  158. Bandos Unite!
  159. Free music for indie films
  160. Composer Available
  161. Read Through Space in San Antonio?
  162. cartoon animation question
  163. Good Contacts and Info
  164. How do I start?
  165. I need a song!
  166. I Need Someone To Score!
  167. Can anyone make animated logo's?
  168. what kind of camera is best for claymation...
  169. Fellow Indie's
  170. Sorry Double Posted
  171. Copyright infringement Question?
  172. Anybody in Logan Utah??
  173. I need input - about music....
  174. calling all 3d animators
  175. producers and casting directors
  176. I need an animation for a realty Tv Show pitch?
  177. friends indie film site
  178. Ge Shoot Date
  179. Nashville, TN
  180. Composer Available
  181. Production Designer / Art Director Available
  182. For Premiere Members....
  183. Northwest Networking
  184. Flash/VegasIndiesTv may have help.
  185. Acquisitions
  186. Looking for a job in NORTH TEXAS
  187. Director/ Avid Editor/ Production Crew available
  188. Class Reunion
  189. Free Magazine: Digital Cinematography
  190. VegasIndiesTv needs films to start.
  191. More great news for VITV...
  192. More free music at
  193. New Service for Filmmakers
  194. Sci Fi Fantasy Trailer Needs Gaffer/grips May27th In Pennsylvania.
  195. Montreal - Short Filmmakers Networking Events
  196. Indie-Sag Workshops
  197. Coolhandz USA Inc.
  198. Co-Production
  199. Looking for short scripts
  200. Cannes... Who is going?
  201. Questions and other things
  202. ATTN: filmmakers - Hire me to make movie posters, websites, dvd packaging, etc
  203. Christmas Shopping in New York!!!
  204. My crazy idea
  205. IndieFlics Discussion moved to premeire forum...
  206. Viral marketing tool to get exposure for your films
  207. Who here lives in Los Angeles?
  208. Independent Cinema Webring
  209. Anyone in the Milwaukee area?
  210. New way to air your film....
  211. Need an Actor...?
  212. V.2 DVD Release Party!
  213. Want To Make IndieTalk: The Movie?
  214. IndieTalk: The Movie (Story Development)
  215. The movie
  216. The IndieTalk Chat Room!
  217. Anyone from Orange County, CA?
  218. Question for everyone in LaLa Land
  219. Check This Out A Tv Station
  220. OIFF 7th Annual DP Workshop
  221. Be a friend - eeeeek!
  222. Seeking Filmmakers....
  223. Question for writers....
  224. Anyone from Michigan?
  225. Any One In New York with a HD Camera?
  226. Sound Designer / Composer Looking to Collaborate
  227. Prop weapons & Seattle stunts
  228. Alabama Film Folks?
  229. Leads Needed for Gay-Themed Feature
  230. Sony Event in London - RSVP
  231. Wri/Dir seeks co-producer for financed short (and subsequent feature)
  232. A Good Concept, A Great Team - Seeks an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER / INVESTOR
  233. Orange County, CA?
  234. world cinema
  235. European Filmmakers
  236. Anyone Near Cleveland, OH?
  237. Cannes anyone?
  238. somehing need to be done
  239. Anybody going to be in CT 11/8/2008
  240. Thanksgiving Script Consutlancy Offers
  241. Let's work I need a short film screenwriter
  242. Blog about Creative Work
  243. Who is in LA for Hire
  244. Any good sources for short screenplays?
  245. European Filmmakers...
  246. Mumbai
  247. Composer looking to start movie scoring!
  248. I'm a musician hoping to get involved with short films etc.
  249. Please send me stuff to score!
  250. I'm looking for a collaborating writer...