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Blackcoat's Daughter Available on Amazon Prime. Not sure what I think of it. Not sure what is going on in the story, exactly. That's in part why. It does have fairly nice atmosphere, largely thanks to a nice soundtrack. Well, I tend to like slow burners, and I love them when done well. Is this a slow burner, though, or just a film in which not a lot really happens until the end…and then the more action packed denouement is not so much a denouement but something rather inexplicable that doesn't really feel like it follows? Let's say I found it not quite satisfactory there—my initial response.

It has a twist; I think it's appropriate to say. The twist is that it's a Spoiler: slasher (genre). I put it in spoiler tags because I suppose that would be a spoiler. Huh. The thing is, the difficulty is, that Spoiler: slashers have their fans as well as those who are not generally fans. So it's kind of strange to make it a twist. If you're a fan, then great. If not, then not so much. Eh. I don't know. I'd like to compare it to other films, but such comparisons would, I guess, be spoilers.

Is it fair to say The Shining is a slow burner? I think maybe so. I keep thinking of The Shining as sort of a slow burner comparison with maybe similar tension. If that's fair, then it's not in bad company.

I think maybe 6/10. If I were judging it only by story, then I think I'd give it a lower score, maybe 4 or 5. But, I think at least it's worth a viewing by filmmakers and enthusiasts who are interested in slow burners, mood, atmosphere, and how a good score and take you far…do some of the heavy lifting for you.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge 5. If you look form a movie with a annoying cliches and characters that stay the same even after 14 years, look no further. 3/10

Cars 2. What a mess... 2/10

Cars 3. Passing, editing, story. This movie is not for even a second a boring. 8/10
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Everyone walked out of the theatre feeling hoodwinked.
I turned around at the crowd and asked if that was what anyone expected. All I saw were disappoined faces shaking 'no'

This wasn't a comedy, nor was it an adventure film.

It was a straight up drama romance film.
There's literally only one "oversized" prop in the entire film.
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My son's and I watched "Kingsman" over New Years. My sons (26 and 46) thought it was the greatest movie since "The Phantom Menace", I thought it was the BIGGEST POS I've seen since "The Ridiculous Six". 2/10
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haha awesome review, Maxsdad. You mean the 2nd Kingsman?
Did you hate the 1st one too?
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Myths and Monsters. 9.5/10 (on Netflix)

It's really good, especially the first episode, which is a nice explanation of the hero's journey. It's a nice show about story telling. It features lots of lovely art to illustrate their narrative. Well done.
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Guardian of the Galaxcy.
I think it is a fun movie :-)
Nothing too serious
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