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scary movie sound effects and music

this summer im going to film a horror short about 30 minutes. this will be my first big project that i plan on submitting to festivals and such, so want it to be more professional. Just wonder where i can get sound effects and music for a scary film. What sound effects do most people use for like jump scare scenes, and any recomendations for that scary type music most movies have, like violins and just soft stuff that sounds scary, and a lot of horror shorts i see just have weird random noises and stuff.
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Well, if you're entering your project in festivals (which require music clearance) you can skip right over the dozens of sound FX CDs sold in music stores. (most notably around Halloween time, but lots of titles available year round)

Sound-Ideas has a massive library of everything sound-related. They may be pricier than what you are expecting to spend, though. Their stuff is top-notch and royalty-free though, once bought.

I bought a few CDs from them years ago, when Flash was first coming out. The multimedia discs are a lot cheaper, but will also be a lot more hit/miss with what you exactly need. (Unless they've started doing themes with those).

There are other similar places that sell sound FX "a la carte", where you pick & choose them singly and download precisely what you need. I haven't used any of those, but there are many out there.

As far as a score... check the Classifieds forum on the board and look for composers. Some work for free, some are looking to make a few beans... there are a lot of musicians looking to do something, anyway.

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A lot of your decisions will be in the sound design stage of post production. And wherever you get that done, they will have a library of sounds you can test out.
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You could always produce your own sound effects library specific to your production. If you're shooting on DV and submitting on DV then you could use a mini disc recorder (which has an ample bit rate for DV based stuff) and a good quality mic - CK98 / Sennheiser 416 / ME66 and go out get the sounds you want!
But remember, horror sounds are not the sounds you are familiar with, they are sounds that will make the audience 'stereotypically' associated with. For example - finger nails scratching a wall - don't record finger nails scratching a wall, record a wire brush scratching sand paper... etc etc... Sound design is fantastic - and there's no better way to learn than to create the sounds yourself. And, if you want your production to be more professional (given that the sounds you record are relatively high quality) originality is the way forward!
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listen to my composition "Suspense!" and let me know if that's what you're looking for...

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