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What's your favorite holiday movie or...?

Doesn't matter what you celebrate, or don't... this is a time when a lot of us have a certain ritual when it comes to flicks and TV.

From A Wonderful Life, to A Christmas Story, to even Die Hard. Heck, doesn't even have to have a holiday theme, some people binge watch certain shows, new or old, etc.


PS. Here in NY Channel 11 plays The Honeymooners all day New Years Day.
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Jingle All the Way!

Arnold's hilarious in this movie.

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Love, Actually.

Love it. Haven't yet watched it again this year, but I will soon.
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Christmas Vacation

I will see it on and no matter what stop what I am doing or looking for and watch it at least once, ok maybe twice but Christmas Vacation is one of my all time favorite movies to quote and I obnoxiously do that year round not just at Christmas. I did the famous freak out speech last year as the intro to my show for December 2016.

"You couldn't hear a dump truck if it was driving through a nitro-glycerin plant."
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Die Hard and Gremlins
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Has to It's a Wonderful Life for me.

And, nowadays, I also always think of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban because I guess it's partly set around Christmas time and those elements are really lovely.
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Die Hard and Lethal Weapon.
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