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Dandelion Nightmare!

Hey everyone, I have a basic understanding of After Effects and I have a copy of AE CS5.

I have a couple of shots I'm planning now and trying to figure out the best way to do them.

It's a nightmare sequence and in the first shot I wanted to have the character lying in his bed, vomiting, basically spewing forth, a torrent of yellow dandelions out of his mouth. I was thinking I could have a front, head-on view and possibly a side view of this shot.

The second shot would have the character standing fairly still or moving very slightly with his head now fully transformed into a large yellow dandelion head. I wouldn't show the transformation, just the dandelion flower on his neck where his head used to be.

Any ideas? I'm open to all ideas and suggestions. And if you have any questions about these planned shots please go ahead and ask!
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Well, I don't use AE but I am sure it has a particle system that you can attach an image of a dandelion to. By doing this you could probably have it look like they are coming out of someone's mouth. You'll have to create masks and do a few other things but, if I were you, I'd look at the particle generator.
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