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Translating to digital

Hi everyone, sorry I've been away for a while. Had yet another baby, etc.

And to business. I'm currently hunting down some cine/movie footage filmed by my grandad in the late 20s and 1930s, some from as far away as Australia. What should I keep in mind regarding preservation of the film, and translation to digital (I.e. hardware and software for conversion).
I believe there is some 9.5mm film among his films. This appears to be a very forgotten format, any special measures to take.

As yet, I have no idea what sort of condition the film will be in, but given its age, any advice would be good, especially with transport over sun large distances.

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Welcome back & my 2 cents: handle with care the late 20s footage as up until the 1920s, nitrate films were common and these were quite inflammable.
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There's services that can handle this:


For transportation I'd recommend making sure each reel has a rubberband to keep the film from unraveling and moving at all during transport, and each one packed in the large bubble wrap, like a ball. Then into a box with peanuts and I'd recommend overnight or 2-day air so it is not sitting around in the heat anywhere (warehouse/truck etc.).
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