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A fake gun won't stop a real bullet.

The only reason there's a happy ending to this story is that the police officer missed. Funny thing about bullets... they don't care whether someone was shot by accident or not.

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It's a good thing the officer was a bad shot.
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A fake gun won't stop a real bullet.
What if the bullet hits the fake gun? Can you say it was stopped then?
How's it going with your filmmaking Maxsdad? I looked at your older threads.
Not sure if you posted about the stuff you worked on since then.
Hope you're still doing it.
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My rite of passage is complete...

I had the police show up today while I was filming.
Just a bloody car and a body on the road, nbd.

They didn't give us any trouble.. thankfully we weren't using a gun
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Police say the production company and the brewery didn't notify them or other businesses before filming.
Take this is a lesson for anyone reading this thread. If simulated crimes are involved, always - ALWAYS - alert others about the production. Including local law enforcement.
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