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Aspiring Producer seeks advice on funding first feature

Hey everyone!

Alena T here. New to this site and to film forum's in general. I'm diving into a role as UPM on a super low budget passion project. I'm sure everyone in here knows this already, but damn do things move slow when you don't have the means to make them move faster. I'm in the process of launching a kickstarter campaign and was wondering if anyone has ever raised anything close to $40,000 and if they have any sound advice? I know I have a knack for producing but I'm less comfortable in the realm of fundraising. Any sound tips or shared experiences??

Below is the link to our production company's first ultra low budget feature.


All the Best,
Alena T
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Hi, making a trailer as good as that one helps a lot.
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Hey, you liked the "Victor Goodview" trailer? Look out for us, we recently signed with Troma Entertainment, but now we're starting from zilch with this new project so we're not quite to the trailer making phase yet, haven't even finished pre-production.
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I do know someone that raised $40K, but it wasn't for a film. They needed a vehicle for their local business so they could step up distro. These types of campaigns work because they have customers/fans and those that want them to grow (and the perks are good with products).

So do you have fans? Can you propose something to them besides funding an entire film? Maybe you can raise funds yourself and seek finishing funds, or maybe you can ask them to fund a certain aspect of the film, like post, or special fx. It's all about what you are proposing and how you propose it. Most fail because they are asking strangers to pay for everything of something.

Best of luck!
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A kickstarter is the way to go but 40k is a bit stretching it. Especially if you're not a known producer. You'll have a lot of marketing to do.
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