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Question Which lens for X-T2? (Veydra vs Zeiss Milvus)

I'm thinking to buy a lens for my filmmaker brother and a little bit confused between these two. His camera is Fujifilm X-T2.

I'm gonna buy either Veydra 25mm or 35mm or Zeiss Milvus 35mm(with cinemod pro by declos).

The problem is one is Cine Lens other one is kinda Hybrid Lens as i researched. They are both very sharp lenses.

If i buy Veydra 35mm what will be the 35mm on Fujifilm? Is it gonna transform into a 50mm? It has got a x-mount. Is there any difference if i buy it with a x mount or i buy a xmount adapter from Veydra?

If i buy Milvus, with a metabones speedbooster i guess 35mm will be still around 35mm.

Is t-stop(Veydra) really important for him? Because Milvus is F-Stop as it is a photolens. I know asked a lots of questions but i'm trying to buy the best for him Thanks for all the help!
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milvus, veydra, x-t2

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