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Feutus Lapdance
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Originally Posted by Stevenson View Post
It's unusual, unconventional to give a lot of money to a random stranger in today's society,
the first thing many people said to me when I told them I did that was "Are you crazy!?"
Depends on how much money you make
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film guy
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Originally Posted by Stevenson View Post
Would you give $200 to a stranger my friend?
If I were a millionaire, it wouldn't matter that much to me, but the world to one I give it to.
If I only have $200 and give it all away, without knowing when I will have money again: then it is indeed a risk. :p

Crazy stuff?

Drove a few hundred miles with a girl I never met before to shoot falling stars.
Not dangerous or insane. Just a little bit crazy in a fun way.

I take calculated risks
I'm not interested is crazy risky things. I'm more into crazy, magical things that happen spontanuously:
giving hitchhikers a ride and then ending up traveling with them for a few days while showing them around in several cities.
Getting up at 2:30 AM in summer to catch the orange light at the horizon before dawn starts.
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