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What are some good techniques of filming on a DSLR effectively?
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The camera is just a tool. It's more in what you do before the light hits the sensor.

- Cameras aren't magic devices that take lack of light and turn it into amazing pictures. Light the scene, or if you're outside during daytime learn to control what's there.
- Learn to use manual exposure controls. Auto-exposure is gonna bite you in the ass.
- Related to the first two, aperture and shutter speed are aesthetic choices. Don't let the amount of available light dictate those settings. Choose your settings and correct the light - either add some or take some away - to match it. ISO isn't a magic fix-all, either: the higher the ISO, the more noise. Try to stay under 800 if you can.
- Even though dual-pixel autofocus has come a long way, even if your camera has it, you should learn to use manual focus.
- White balance. If the lighting changes, do it again.
- Learn to control camera movement. A tripod is great, but if you have to shoot handheld you need to steady it. Shaky camera footage is not a good thing.
- Zooms can look corny most of the time. Move the whole camera if you need movement during a shot (slider, doorway dolly, jib, gimbal).

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Is there anything specific you're looking for?
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Agree with all your points. Depends how you use a zoom though. A zoom can be more intense than a dolly in. I find zooms quite unnerving in a good way. A dolly in for a character realisation or having something explained to them, aye. For someone about to make a big decision, slow zooooooom.

Subjective though.
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