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Live TV dead as radio

Live TV will soon be as dead as radio IMO

Recent study says only 39% of people <=34 years old prefer live television and the majority want to stream everything instead

Excellent shows coming out of these different streaming network

1) Impulse exclusive to Youtube Red - A high school teenage girl begins developing mutant powers. Elsewhere in the world are adult mutants using bad ass (bourne identity director) powers and fight sequences. And the audience is waiting for the kid gloves to come off and that teenage girl to be thrown into the deep end.

2) Star Trek Discovery exclusive to CBS app - A great re-imagining of the series with some episodes giving dramatic storyline changes big enough to make this series feel like a movie instead of television. It's interesting that CBS didn't put this on television. I think they know that live TV is not the future and once they get multiple seasons and a few more shows people will start subscribing to cbs app.

3) Bojack Horseman, Frontier, Glow, Marvel etc exclusive to netflix - say no more

4) Amazon paying hundreds of millions for the rights to LOTR some great stuff is coming.

I think this is a perfect evolution, people used to complain that when they bought a cable package they got 700 useless channels they didn't want to pay for. Now your cable package will become a personalized selection of the streaming networks that best interest you.
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Who says radio is dead
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Radio has it's place .. but families don't gather around the radio to be entertained in the evening like days of old
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