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Hi! I am a composer

Hello all!

I just joined this forum. I am a Bangladeshi composer who has worked on some interesting projects - involving dance, theatre, films and other media - around the world over the last couple of years. Film scoring has been a big and perhaps the most rewarding part of my work. I have had the most enjoyable and edifying of experiences working with independent filmmakers - some from my university and some whose paths luckily crossed mine and were looking for original music for their projects. So I am quite excited to be a part of this community.

My knowledge of the art of filmmaking is quite shallow. However, being a composer, I am well-acquainted with the processes involved in making music, be it a piece for the concert hall, a film or a dance piece. So if anyone happens to be looking for music handcrafted for their unique idea, I am more than willing to help.

Looking forward to exploring this forum and getting to know some of you.
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Hi there!
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Hi, do you have any samples we could hear?
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Originally Posted by buscando View Post
Hi, do you have any samples we could hear?
Nice to meet you all! I am dropping links to some of my works here. Hope you find them interesting

1. High Seas is an animated short film by Giulia Riva based on the refugee crisis in the middle east. Check it out here.

2. In Stevie, McKenna Fernandez tells the story of a girl who had been blind from birth until she went through a surgery that allowed her to "see" the world for the first time. Here is a cue from the movie.

3. Beyond the Hills is a Romanian film that originally didn't have a score. During my final year of uni, those who were studying music for screen collectively scored the entire film for a string quintet and various percussion instruments. Here is one of the cues I scored.

4. I have also scored a few scenes from well-known movies from time to time as exercise. Romanov and Banner scene from The Age of Ultron, and this scene from Quantum of Solace are among my favourites.

5. This is a score for the avant garde film Slow Pan for Bob by artist Chuck Close. I composed it as part of an experiment with the Chennai-based new music ensemble Hundred Foot Road.

6. I have also been working in the Indian film industry for a few years. This one is the title song for an upcoming Tamil movie, and this is a cue from another movie I am working on.

Stating the obvious, these pieces were created with special situations and requirements in mind. The needs for your project will define how the music for your film will sound, which might be very different from what you have heard here.
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film score, music arranger, music composer, orchestration

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