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New Camera: Question about frame cropping

Hi all,

Up until now I've been shooting studio video on my GoPro Hero 5 Black, and I'm just about to upgrade and have a question to ask before I buy my new camera.

Firstly some very brief background info. I got the GoPro because of its 4k feature and price, but was quickly saddened when I found out that 4k is only available when shooting in fisheye, which is not suitable in my studio environment (I simply don't need that range of vision, and it's just troublesome). The only way to turn off fisheye is to lower the in-camera resolution, which really just crops the frame resulting in 1080p footage. This is not an option for me as I require 4k, and don't want fisheye. Up until now I've had the tedious task of taking the 4k fisheye vision and using an After Effects filter to 'unwarp' the edges of the video - a terrible and inefficient workflow. I'm also unable to zoom or do any sort of close up work - once again this camera is not right for what I'm producing.

So, in not making the same mistake twice I'm reaching out to more experienced users before my next purchase.

The spec for my new camera must be simply:
  • 4k @ 50/60fps
  • Be able to record in a format/codec that is quickly editable and plays nice with FCPX + Motion 5
  • Price in the $1,500 - $2,500 USD mark, which includes the lens
  • Be able to zoom
  • Be able to focus on objects near (~20cm) and far
  • Work in both studio and outdoor environments
  • Video is the primary purpose, still images secondary (I can actually do away with the stills function if necessary, so it's just a bonus really).
  • YouTube and streaming media is the end product

My research to date has presented a couple of options that fit my criteria:
  1. Panasonic Lumix GH5
  2. Panasonic Hc-X1000 4K

Will either of these options result in frame cropping if I zoom in, in effect lowering the resolution?
Would you have a preference of one over the other?
Have I missed any other cameras that would also do everything I've listed above?
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Maybe you can talk to someone at www.bhphotovideo.com.
They're pretty knowledgeable. You don't have to buy from them right away, just see what they recommend & then do more research.
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Really depends on which zoom lens you'll be using. I'd pick the GH5, personally.
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(hmm, why did you buy an action camera known for it's wide angle in the first place?
In the specs it clearly says when it crops and such.)

Try to get your hands on both to try them. Borrow or hire them.
It is the only way to make sure you get what you want.
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