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Gravel road woes

I'm planning a short film this summer and at least two scenes require dialogue while walking on a gravel road. Anyone have experience with how to capture sound and not get the 'herd of elephants' sound from camera, grips, sound guy, etc. walking alongside during the shoot? Thanks...
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Get lots of carpeting, moving pads, and anything else you can think of and lay it all down just out of shot range. You may want to make sure that everyone wears "soft" shoes so they crunch a little less. The same goes for your cast. And does the crew have to be on the road? Are the shoulders any better?

Sound suppression is a tough gig. The more you're moving around the harder it gets. If ADR isn't a viable option you may have to make a visual compromise or two.

Make sure that you get LOTS of wild lines immediately after you stop shooting.

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Pretty much the kind of ideas I was having, hoping there was some other 'magic' solution The full body shots I'm trying to do from behind so the dialogue can be inserted and not have to worry about sound suppression in the shot. Thanks!
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No magic..
You can re-record the dialog later or you can establish the gravel road with a wide shot of the actors walking on it then cut to a medium shot but don't actually shoot it on the gravel road. Move your actors to the shoulder of the road or to a different location that looks similar enough.

Remember, film making is the art of illusion.
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