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focus tips for 2 moving subjects

I had to shoot a conference, where two speakers were speaking.

Sony a6000. I've used the continuous autofocus and wide focus field + face recognition.

It was relatively ok, but not perfect. Sometimes, the focus picked the guy that wasn't speaking.. and since I was shooting with a relatively low f-stop, to let more light in, even the distance between the two people and focus was obvious.

Is there any way I can control what the auto-focus is focusing on ?

Or do you all guys just use manual focus.
With that, my main issue is that on that small screen, I have trouble focusing precisely. Especially as I don't have the option to zoom-in as in photo mode.
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No. You can't control with auto focus on. Yes there are challenges
in using manual focus - this is something you learn as you gain more
experience. I only use manual focus because I can decide what is in
focus and what isn't rather than letting a computer make that decision.
As good as current auto focus and face recognition is, it doesn't know
what I want in focus when I want it in focus.

Learning takes time.
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ok, thanks.

I was actually looking into getting the Panasonic GH5 (although still contemplating on the m43 sensor) which has the touch screen.. where I can focus way easier with just tapping the object I want to focus on.
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