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Rate for a DP for a $10000-$15000 budget film

I'm thinking of offering a DP rate of $200 a day (about 10 hour work days) for a 15 day shoot (not consecutive days) The film budget is about $10000-$15000. Would this rate get me a decent DP? Is it enough? I'm having a hard time finding standard rates for DPs like SAG does it with actors. They would be the highest paid position in the film.
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Welcome to indietalk.

That seems about right. It's really low but someone looking to build their
reel might do it. A little tip; allow the DP to hire their own crew and offer
a decent rate for them.
Originally Posted by maximus.93 View Post
I'm having a hard time finding standard rates for DPs like SAG does it with actors.
They are represented by IATSE local 600.
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DPs often own their own camera package, and possibly a lighting package as well. So you have to weigh the cost of paying a little more for a DP with his own gear versus less for a DP without gear. You will find that an experienced DP with his own gear can bring many "extras" to the shoot (for free) that you would normally have to pay for...monitors, cables, generators, dollys, etc. So you win in the long run...especially when you go over time and over budget...when you hire a DP with gear. I am a "union" DP, and my rate has gone from "free" to (whatever) depending on the project. Most of my shoots have been non-union, without a contract. Yes, "we" are out there. Just ask around. $200 a day can get you a DP without gear in many circumstances, so any "extras" beyond that from a DP would be quite a bonus. But ask the DP for a demo reel of what he has done...especially lighting. You are looking for QUALITY work and not just price.

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^^ Yes but be careful to not just hire whoever has the better gear/camera package. I met a DP who is starting to get hired onto big projects because he just bought a Red camera package; but when I mentioned fresnel lights, he had no idea what they were. :o
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I hate to asků

What's your budget for audio post?
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