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Caution Can I ask for advice regarding my idea to move to the UK?

Long story short, I'm living in Latvia and there is absolutely nothing good going on. I've been trying to make independent projects for more than 4 years now. I shot music, corporate, private and even wedding videos pretty much solo till this point to learn and gain experience. Though not enough to go fully independent but still proud of my progress since high school.

But now, there are less and less gigs and there are just not enough people to work with or even for. The whole situation started to depress me. I will be fine with slower progress but now it just feels like there's nothing I can do. My friends who moved all over Europe invited me to work with them and I just kept saying no for various reasons. But now, I can't even think of one good reason to stay and finally decided to move.

I decided to move to the UK a month ago because I think that it's a good starting point to build my networking and everything else from scratch. Also, being an Eastern-European and a Russian isn't going to make this any easier but I'm used to discrimination and that never stopped me here, so maybe that won't stop me there. Especially, considering that I know English better than the official language spoken here.

Now that the exposition is over, my question. Is it even possible to move to the UK with so much stuff happening with Brexit and the whole immigration crisis in the West? My friends were telling me that some new immigrants were not able to get a National Insurance Number, which means that they won't be able to work freely in the UK though they should be able to with the EU working rights still power. I know that this is a filmmaking forum, not a moving forum but I want to know the opinion and thoughts about this whole mess from fellow filmmakers who understand the struggles of juggling creativity and survival.
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Opinions mean nothing in this matter.
Only the British gouvernment can give you the answers you seek.
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Good point. Just wondering what is the filmmaking scene like in there. Friends talk about a lot of bureaucracy in every step.
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I'm an English speaker, so I'm biased, but I would choose to live in Britain over the former Soviet Union any day.
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The Article 50 letter pointedly didn't set a cut off date for protecting the rights of EU nationals entering the UK.

My advice to you would be to not leave it too long, because a cut-off date will be established as part of the exit negotiations. Bearing in mind that Brexit will take a minimum of 2 years, I think that's probably the timeframe you have, but there should be clarification as negotiations begin in earnest.
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I have been planning to make the move after half a year to save some pocket change by UK standards and selling some of my gear to have less stuff to move around. Already sold my DSLR because I'm tired of the footage I get.

Will keep track of the UK news for now.
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