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Self Distribution - DVD Packaging

Just asking out of curiosity really, although this does stem from a conversation I had with a guy preparing to self distribute his own movie...

How would you guys feel if you received a self distributed film and the packaging was substandard? What if the printing on the sleeve wasn't very good, or the disc itself wasn't printed, but was a self adhesive label?

What if you received the DVD / Blu Ray in a slim DVD case? Does that bother you? Would you buy a film knowing that you would recieve it in a card board sleeve? What if you didn't know this, bought the film and it turned up as such?

The guy I was speaking to planned to distribute his film in a cardboard sleeve. I was saying I didn't think it was a great idea. I've bought self distributed films that have turned up with poor quality packaging and it kind of puts a dampener on the experience. I suggested that the least I'd expect is a slim DVD case, although I'm not a fan of those either. Having said that, I've bought several Blu Ray's that have been put out by "real" distributors that have come in slim cases.

Any thoughts?

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It's a moot question if no one buys on DVD/BR anymore.

Personally, I don't see an issue with it. If his target audience/fans do, then he'll have problems.
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Agreed re people buying on DVD/BR anymore.

My only concern would be the sticker rather than printing on a disc, which can ruin a computer/dvd player.
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Yeah, I've only ever received two DVD's where the discs had printed labels, and I must admit I was nervous about popping them in my Xbox...

I know VOD is on the up (and has been for some time), but am seriously in the minority of people who still buy physical copies of films? Am I the only person who watches all the BTS stuff on disc and listens to the audio commentaries? That's one of the main reasons I buy discs, particularly self-distributed stuff; I'm always intrigued to see how these people made their films. I've always thought that I wouldn't switch fully to VOD until there's a platform that supports all the stuff you normally get on disc - commentaries, BTS, trailers, etc. Am I late to the table? Does such a platform already exist?
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That's one of the main reasons I buy discs, particularly self-distributed stuff
I heard there were a couple of people who still bought indie's on DVD. Have to find the other one now

The market for indies on physical discs has been gutted.
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Meet the other one. I buy DVD's of indie films.

hatter, often the packaging is substandard. For me it's just an acceptable hazard
of ultra low budget projects. Adhesive labels are bad. Slim cases don't bother me.
I would be unlikely to buy a movie from someone I didn't know if the packaging
was just a cardboard sleeve. It's so inexpensive to print a nice cover.
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I'm a disc guy too. I'll stream a movie once, and if I like it, I buy the Blu Ray, only going to DVD if that's the only way to get a hard copy. I pour over the extras and on top of that, I live in the middle of the mountains where internet is a speedy 1.5 Mbps, so streaming is a bit difficult and even a DVD is ofter better quality than what I can stream.
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Holy crapballs.... The market has expanded by 50%. Time to invest!
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I know this isn't quite what the discussion is about (!) but I still like to have my favourite box-sets and movies on DVD/Blu-Ray, just in case I have issues with the internet. I live in one of the biggest cities in the world and yet, almost every week, I have periods where I can get Netflix to run without buffering. This is, obviously, partly my fault, but I don't think I'm alone in seeing DVDs as a worthwhile back-up.
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I still believe in the disc market but I think it has to be modified.

Right now I have over 300 dvds and blu-rays but 95% of those were purchased over 5 years ago. Today I only buy if the movie is exceptional and if it has behind the scenes material that I think will teach me something. Other than that, I pay to stream movies like most other people.

The problem with streaming for Indie film makers seems to be that there isn't much money in it. Amazon Prime gives you 15 cents per 1 hour of someone watching your movie or, if someone doesn't have prime, they can rent or buy it and I think you keep half while Amazon keeps the other half. That actually sounds pretty good except that I think people are more likely to watch a movie they never heard of if it is free (prime) and less likely to watch it if they have to pay a couple of bucks.

To sell discs, I think you have to give the consumer more than just the disc. You have to give them something they can hold in their hand or set on the shelf. The idea is this: They can watch the movie streaming by renting it OR they can buy a modestly priced disc that included special features, easter eggs, AND an offer for a free poster or small paper weight that looks like a character from the movie.... Maybe you made a vampire movie and the lead vampire wears an evil looking ring. IF you buy the disc, you get a ring that was made from the same mold used to make the one in the movie.. Now, obviously, the give away must be inexpensive and the cost of making and shipping it must be factored into the price of the disc.

The thing is that Indies want to cash in like everyone else. I can't believe it when Indies are selling their discs for 20 bucks or more. In my opinion, an indie film should go for about $5 to $10 at the most. Put in an order for 500 or 1000 copies. Do your own packaging and shrink wrapping.. I don't have current pricing but I'd bet you could get 1000 Blu-ray discs made and printed for a buck or 2 each...? ....

Anyway, lower the price of the disc and offer something besides the movie and I think there is a chance people will buy the disc, even if all they really want is the extra goodies you're including with the purchase.

I hope the day never comes when the only thing people want to physically own is their stupid cel phone.
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When we make a film (short or feature), we give a DVD copy to our actors. You can have FANTASTIC quality DVDs made by Kunaki.com for $1.10 each. The package includes full color DVD printing, full size DVD case, full color 1-panel insert, full color DVD case cover, cellophane wrapping, and UPC bar code. You can buy one copy or a hundred. With their shipping charges, we can buy 50 delivered for roughly $2.00 per DVD. You can't tell them from the ones bought in the store.
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VOD is definitely the wave of the future... but I'm still happily living in the present. I've never bought anything BUT physical copies of a movie (DVD AND VHS). But I still have and play 8 tracks.
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