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Screenplay Submission


I have just completed my original screenplay, Bats in the Belfry, a romantic comedy about a forty-year-old neurotic, possessive, obsessive, intellectual, nervous guy who reflects on the breakup of his latest relationship with a woman who is the complete opposite of him, and how his traumas and insecurities led them both to an inevitable end, and the actions he takes to solve their situation.

If you feel the concept has merit, I invite you to read the script, which runs 110 pages total.

About my writing experience I can highlight my work as a playwright with two small pieces staged in Mexico City, as well as some mentions of my work in different mediums such as radio, magazines, anthologies and readings in countries like Argentina, Spain and United States. As for now, I am working on another original screenplay, a comedy-satire about the end of the world.

I sincerely hope to count with your involvement in this project and start by your side a long lasting work relationship.


David Sánchez
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Welcome and good luck!
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"I sincerely hope to count with your involvement in this project and start by your side a long lasting work relationship."

Are you looking for a writing partner or feedback/critique?
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