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Royalty Free Music sites

I searched this forum for "royalty free music" as a subject, but didn't come up with too much. Im not necessarily looking for free music, but I don't have a lot of $ to put into a film.

Making little documentaries and short films is a hobby. I do not have lofty goals of winning awards or becoming a filmmaker as a living. I just want to produce something that people actually want to watch and want to share with friends.

I have found some $99/year music subscriptions, and have used some other pay per song sites and some free stuff. But would like to pick the brains of guys who do this a lot more than I do.

While I bet this has been discussed before, I didn't find a good list of some favorite sites or resources for music. I also don't know the rules about posting web addresses on this forum.

I am currently looking for music for a short documentary about a school, the funding and the relationship with wildlife in rural Africa. Its 3.5 minutes or so. just need a couple tracks to finish it up.
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Hi Nyati!

From my own experience, Audiojungle is the most effective market for indie creators today. You are welcome to check out my portfolio in the signature below, or go beyond. The prices are fair in my view, and the quality guidelines become more strict by the day.
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So far, that is where I have gotten 99% of my stuff. I get some logos, openers and AE files from their partner sites. I like that whole family of sites. I too think the rates are pretty fair, but, I see these other sites $99/year unlimited downloads, use them forever and one that is $15/ month for a YouTube chanel membership.

For a vlogger on YouTube, $15/month seems pretty reasonable. I may give that one a shot for one of my options. And keep on with Audiojungle for other stuff.

Can we discuss certain websites here? I don't know the rules and some forums have rules to protect their advertisers.
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I use www.pond5.com frequently.

There's also www.incompetech.com, which is free to use with the requirement that you credit Kevin for each song used.
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Can you not ask about where people find resources? Or can you not discuss other sites? I got a warning for my post. Would like to understand where I went off the rails. Or was it an automated warning because of the wording?

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It was simply moved to the correct category.
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Hi, I am looking for new projects if they look good....



Benedict Music
Berlin +49 176 434 99947
London +44 20 7193 8606


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