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'teleportas' / a short film

A short experimental film set in cyberpunk world. Share your thoughts. Thank you.

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No one has any thoughts? Sad.
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Needs Visuals

The reason, I suspect that you have had no responses is because you need you need to put more effort in. A filmmaker takes a story and shows the viewer what he wants them to see. Your work is more like a book in the fact that you did not show the viewer what you wanted them to see. This is poetry, or a story, not a film or short film.
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I agree. This is a script set to a slide show. Film is a time based medium with numerous elements for creative expression - movement, light, color, sound, focus, juxtaposition, rhythm, pace, action, emotions, and the ability to convey a story or idea. You are only scratching the surface here.

Maybe begin this as a animatic, but visually show your story instead of telling it.

- Wolf
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