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QUESTION: semi finalist vs finalist vs winner

The judging status for our short film has updated on filmfreeway for a couple of festivals. One went to "finalist" another to "semi finalist". Am I right to assume this means essentially that its not an "official selection" and will not screen at the festival?

Also, I assume if you are merely a finalist in a festival, you should not use the laurels on your movie poster?
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Pretty much. I received a "finalist" notification and thought that meant I was in and a finalist for an award or something. But no, my film didn't even get into the festival. So it's certainly misleading. Don't assume anything until you get the acceptance email.

It's kinda dumb, really.
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Originally Posted by itsastruggle View Post
Am I right to assume this means essentially that its not an "official selection" and will not screen at the festival?
You are correct. Your movie has not been accepted into the festival at this point.

There are no rules or laws preventing you from using "finalist" on your movie
poster. But to those in the know you are point out that your movie was not
accepted into the festival. Is that what you want to promote? That you entered
but didn't get accepted?
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Yeah, Filmfreeway is a great resource, but unfortunately not everyone uses it in the same way. Festivals seem to all use the designators differently. I agree with the above poster about waiting for the email. Every time I've had an Official Selection, the would e-mail me the Laurel file that I could download and use.
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