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Raising a Ronin Gimbal straight up

I need a shot where a DJI Ronin ascends straight up. By turning off the pan and tilt I am able to keep the camera sturdy however I tried connecting a single 1/2" rope to the center handle and pull it up with a pulley on the roof but the handlebar rotates crazy and causes back and forth motion of the gimbal. I was thinking if I installed 4 pulleys and attached them to 4 corners of the roof then pulled all 4 ropes at the same time then it can be more stable but I am trying to avoid drilling more into the roof. Any other suggestions? Ladder obviously won't work since it has to be off scene.
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Rent a jib? You'd have to deal with a bit of curvature, but it'd save your roof
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When you hang the gimbal from a pulley with a large enough diameter, you'll have 2 points on attachment, making rotating far less likely
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Jibs are really useful.
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