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Post Bill & Maggie Trailers

So guys, after over 1 and 1/2 years of post-production, my SCAD Senior short film, "Bill & Maggie's Intergalactic Taxi Service" is finally finished and ready to send out to festivals.

I'd be interested to know what some of you think of the trailers for my 10 minute short, so here are each of them in reverse chronological order.

The Latest and Final Trailer:

The 2nd Longer Trailer (with unfinished color grading and effects):

And the Original Teaser, featuring only shots from the opening scene:

I think each of these trailers serves a different purpose, and paints the full film in different lights. But all work together to give a fuller picture of the whole. And since elements of the first two trailers are vastly different than the final work, they sort of serve as time-capsules for what the film almost was.

What do you guys think?
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So, I'm confused. And I don't really expect anything in particular, cause ya'll don't owe me a thing. That being said, 245 of ya took a look at this post, and no one had anything to say or share? I'm stumped.

And I know most of those people didn't even click the videos, cause I don't have even 15 new views on either trailer. So what made nearly everyone click the back button on their browser?

Is this just how most posts like this turn out? Cause it kinda seems like it.
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Impressive! I definitely prefer the shorter trailer - but the fact that it's not really my taste (no knock on you or your movie) is certainly part of that. But nicely done and good luck with the festival submissions.
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