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-You can't shoot a film like this. ( :-) ) Sorry, I have to hit low hanging fruit.

Originally Posted by jackmarsh View Post
I didn't ask for impertinent remarks and belittling responses. Please, unless you have something productive to say just leave this forum
-We were here first. Why antagonize a whole bunch of people who might be able to help you if you can just get past yourself. Why is it that almost every new person to a forum thinks they are God's gift and just wnat everyone else to acknowlege that? (yes I did see your join date was Jan 2016)

-That being said, and though I should just say screw this and put you on ignore, I will try to productively help

Originally Posted by jackmarsh View Post
So I've finished my script, done with storyboarding, and I've have picked out all my shooting locations.
My equipment includes: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (no lenses...)
A camera with no lense at all? How did you get there? (BTW, what happened to the Canon 50mm 1.8 II Lens and a Fotodiox EOS-m4/3 adapter that came with your camera back in January?) Looks like you are going to have to find someone with lenses, lights, audio for starters. Kool with finishing your script. Kool with storyboarding. Kool with securing your location. Well I assume you have secured your locations. But that is an aside, you are wanting actors.

Originally Posted by jackmarsh View Post
What I want to know is what do y'all think is the best way to go about casting people and putting together a team online?
SPECIFICS: I don't have an agent just yet, and basically don't have a budget either... I'm broke. However, this script is gold. I'm from Atlanta, so I know there's a lot of untapped talent around here. Essentially, what I'm trying to do is create a team of people to work together to deliver an exceptional production. Furthermore, my chief selling point right now to those people is that this is going to be an excellent project, that will look stellar on their resumes. This really is true if things can go the way I want them.
-First... what do you want an agent for? If you are not an actor or top crew on a major set why do you need an agent?
-Being broke sux but is not the end all.
-Every single script I have ever done is PURE GOLD. No disputing that. As others have mentioned, everyone thinks their script is gold. Does not matter what the writer thinks. It matters what someone other than the writer is willing to do to make that script come to life.
-Frankly you really have no selling point at this point in my opinion. You have a script you think is gold. Maybe, maybe not. Do you have any track record or your own, or working on other peoples projects? Experiance is a selling point.
-Almost every filmmaker will tell people that working for them will be stellar on their resume. Most of those projects are not worth being on a resume. Who knows about yours. It is all supposition at this point.

Originally Posted by jackmarsh View Post
What do you do in my shoes? How do you go about putting your team together with little to no money, and limited resources?

Really appreciate all the help. Thanks so much!
To get your team together you FIRST have to be part of someone else's team. You have to be dependable and prove you can work well with other crew members. By doing that you make contacts with talent who may also have gear you could use on your shoot. You can also meet (and scrutinize) acting talent on those sets. See if they are any good.

Originally Posted by jackmarsh View Post
PS: If their are any actors in the Atlanta area reading this, please hit me up!
There are people on the various forums I am on that are in the Atlanta area. Many of them have made multiple movies. (and not youtube crap, but some decent quality movies) You have to interact with them. You have facebook right? In the Dallas/Fort worth area I am member of 10+ facebook groups related to production and acting. I am sure there are facebook groups in the Altanta area also. Join them and that could help. When I work on projects invariably several of the crew and talent facebook request me. Then their industry friends requuest. You have to connect to those people and not be that guy that thinks they are the shit. That does nothing but turn people off.

Regardless, good luck on your project.
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Originally Posted by jackmarsh View Post
Is a monthly membership required for Backstage? Thanks for your input.
You can get it per job and its $25. However wait about a week and they'll offer a promo code.
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