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The Global Voice of Indie Film Is Back Online!

In case everyone didn't know, Max It Magazine finished its beta testing and is now fully back online. In fact it's already at the 1.2 million hits mark since the new site launched. Since it was hacked early last year it took them a while to get things back online, with the help of a bunch of indie filmmakers and fans. Sony went down right after them. Same group of hackers out of China took them down.

If you don't know, MaxItMagazine.com is the indie film magazine that promotes indie films for free. It doesn't charge indie filmmakers for submitting press releases, which are accepted by IMDB as a news source for submitting your indie film.

It also helped indie filmmakers raise over $1 million in its first year online without charging them a dime, along with getting a bunch of filmmakers/films distribution and representation. A bunch of those projects that are now on Netflix, Vimeo, iTunes, as well as TV & cable channels. Even a few were in theaters.

It relaunched the new beta site at the end of September 2015. First test articles went up in October and as of last week it broke it's first year hit in only 6 months and the full site went live the beginning of March 2016. The social media feeds went live at the same time (Twitter: @MaxItMagazine) Check it out and you can ask questions through it, or off the site. Pretty quick at responding.

You can promote your indie film in nearly any phase of development or production, including while running a crowdfunding campaign to get it off the ground! There's a link in the main menu of the site with a sample and instructions. Make sure to put the cast & crew's social media information, because it gets blasted out to hundreds of thousands of followers.

There's no cost, nor hidden agenda. It's "The Global Voice of Indie Film" for a reason.
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