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White strip on camera footage - help

Hello fellow filmmakers, I know that sometimes equipment has its own mind but this is really strange situation even for me. I shot couple of shots of nature with my Panasonic AG - HPX 170 camera and when I was editing them today only 2 of them had little white stripe on top of a frame. I tried to open footage with couple softwares but every software showed me same problem, so I am pretty sure its not a software problem and since I havent done anything to the footage, just imported from the camera to project I think something went in recording on camera. All of the footage is MPEG 1080i/50i (interlaced) shooting in MXF. format to P2 cards.
Never experienced this problem with this camera just these 2 shots made me confused, Its nothing terrible but maybe its a sign of defect on camera that could evolve to something worse.
What do you guys think? If you need any more information about camera and recording feel free to ask

footage: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8jglyo3kxi...age_1.mp4?dl=0
zoomed white strip (you can see thats there is no data avaliable):
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