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Candle Fire - Motion Tracker problem

Hello guys I need your help with one specific shot in my movie ... In the shot is moving candle that we recorded not lit up so we can add fire, smoke and wick of a candle in postproduction. But I came to a problem in After Effects, the motion tracker doesnt track the movement of a candle correctly and the mask (fire, smoke and wick of a candle) that I parented to the null object later on wiggles around pretty visibly. Is there any way that I can track the movement better? I tried many methods but they didnt worked ...

link to problematic footage
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That track does not seem like the problem to me- it is pretty solid. However did you not calculate scale? It seems to grow. Your fire plate appears to be moving a bit. You could also use heat haze/distortion to help break it up a bit. It also looks like you could play with the opacity/overlay mode a bit to get a better result.

Fire is pretty amorphous which is good- it gives you plenty of leeway.

It also looks like the fire is moving in the wind quite a lot, I am not picking up on that in the rest of the image although I guess with sound design you could fudge that. Id try to find a better fire select.
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What most bothers me is that shaking of the wick and fire at the end of the track ... Do you think I should hide it more with masks and overlays or re-track the movement? thank you so much
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after effects, fire, motion tracking

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