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Question Musician looking for short film director willing to lend footage for music video

I am sorry if this is a strange request, or a request that will be frowned upon but I thought that I might as well try.

I am looking for a director that has some footage from a (completed) short/similar that he or she is willing to grant me rights to use in a music video for YouTube. I am a semi-professional musician that will real soon start to release a lot of tracks and for this first one I was looking to put together a music video. At first I was thinking about cutting footage from movies in the public domain but I thought that I would come here and see if any film enthusiasts would be willing to let me use some more original footage in my project.

The first song deals with themes such as dependence and acceptance (for example, drug/alcoholism or similar). On a scale from 1-10 where 1 is complete amateur and 10 is professional commercial level I would place my productions around an 8 or so, and I was hoping to come in contact with film makers in the same position that would be willing to collaborate like this.

You would naturally get to hear the song and OK any cuts I would make for the footage to match the length of the song. And, I would also be willing to provide YOU with some music for one of your future projects if you so desire - as a form of payment. It goes without saying that I would also link to your movie/page with full credits.

Again, I am not sure if this is something that is frowned upon in the film world so please - no pitchforks!
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Not frowned upon at all.

Any filmmaker who doesn't want to provide you with footage doesn't have
to and any filmmaker who wants to can.

Good luck. Please post the link to the finished project when you're done.
I'd love to see it.
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