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Geoff Ruh
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Dear all,

I am currently producing the new short film for TearDust Productions. We have a young talented award-winning director who needs your help in funding this short film, #SandCastles.

Sand Castles is a 12-minutes-long short film adapted from the short story Year Zero written by Marco Genovesi.

Two siblings try to reconnect in a detached and strange world, where nothing makes sense anymore. During the course of their conversation, they try to find out how to connect with each other, when everything around them her illness, people, and society seems to forcefully drift them apart. The building blocks of their relationship seem as fragile as sand castles under the tides.

The story is focused on the conversation between the siblings and tries to show how, in such a dire situation where everything seems to be pointless, we can still find a way to be moved by reaching to each other. In a society where no value exists anymore, it is only through love and compassion that we can add meaning to our lives.


This is an extremely personal film for everyone involved, representing their perception of the reality. As a group of young, confused professionals, this short film stands for a way of connecting with the rest of the world, trying to explain how it feels to live in an empty, disconnected society. It was a personal story for the writer Marco Genovesi, who poured not only his point of view into the story, but also his personal feelings. And now, the short film is an equally touching and extremely important project for the adapters.

This short film will be co-directed by the award-winning director Irina Jrbashyan (Koansequences) and producer/director Geoffrey Ruh Mugford (In Phase, Premonition, Remains, A Lot In Common).

Follow us on twitter @TearDustProd and talk about the project using the hashtag #HowWeConnect.

Thanks for your attention, and hope to get this short film made with your help !
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