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Caution Rode VideoMic Pro with Zoom H4N hissing sound

Hi guys,

I'm recording my sound separately from my video using the rode videomic pro and the zoom h4n. The idea was that I was going to have the video mic on a boom and attach it to the H4N, however when trying this, there is a loud hissing sound that I can't seem to get rid of. Does anyone have any advice?


P.s. I'm new to this so i'm not sure if there is a simple solution or if i'm doing something wrong.
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First, just be aware that the VMP and H4n are consumer products and are (relatively) noisy compared to professional units; there will be some noise.

Things you can do:

1. Check that you have the compressor/AGC turned off.
2. Check your gain/volume settings.
3. Check that your cables and the connectors are good.
4. Fresh, good quality batteries.

These are a few of technical things you can try. I can't do much if your skill set - or that of whomever is handling the recorder and swinging the boom - is lacking.

You should read The Location Sound Bible by Rik Viers; it will give you a good basic look at production sound.

Also, it would help if you could post a sample of your problem.
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Try this:

- Go to the zoom's menu, select Input, then set Plug-in power to off.

The Rode mic has it's own power supply, so this might be the culprit. (just a guess, I don't own the Rode)

-Set the Rode's DB to 0, the +20 might be too much gain.

-Also, set the Rode's on switch all the way over to the right to turn the hi-pass filter on. (I don't think that's the source of your hiss, but it could help to filter out some floor noise.)

Last, play with the zoom's input levels. Make sure they're not set too hot. I would guess a level of 90 or below would be best.

Hope that helps
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canon 600d, dslr, rode videomic pro, sound, zoom h4n

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