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Is it possible to change my screenname?

Is it possible to change my screenname on here? I set up this account for a particular purpose (works based on the novels I cowrite), but I increasingly find myself engaging in the forum more widely, so it's a little unfair on my co-writer to continue to use our shared nom de plume for my own personal views!

I know other forums allow screenname changes, and some require a mod to do it, and I don't mind having a "Formerly known as..." on there somewhere, so I just thought I'd ask!
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The Admin can change your username in the admin panel, but it's not something I imagine them wanting to get into the habit of doing as you are not the first person to ask. If I were you i would become a premium member and add a signature to your new account that states something along the lines that you are formerly 'maz' and you could make it link to a search result of all your posts as 'maz'.

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No name changes around here, nope.

Why not retire the one account, and make another one for yourself? Don't use both, or you get into trouble for multiple accounts (and peeps do get busted for that).

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