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BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera

I hear there's a lot of hype about the two new BM cameras coming out this summer. I don't pretend to completely understand (any part of, but especially) the technical side of filmmaking, but I would like to hear what the more experienced filmmakers and/or videographers think about these cameras, specifically the pocket camera.

I'd like to make a camera purchase this summer and my first thought was to go for something like the Sony HXR-NX5U or the Panasonic AG-AC130A to learn and experiment on, but neither have an interchangeable lens. I'm thinking this BM Pocket Cinema Camera might be a great camera for a beginner to experiment with different lenses and filters.

I know this is quite a broad question, but I'm just curious what others would do if they were starting out all over again. Do you spend the money on a camera like the Sony/Panasonic I mentioned, or get the BM pocket cam and spend your money on lenses and other necessary accessories.

I've read so many comments on articles about these cameras where people say these are game changers, but I'm not ashamed to admit I really don't get why yet. For my skill level, the advances capabilities of any camera probably don't matter as much, but I want to ensure I make a purchase I'll be happy with when I do understand things at a slightly higher level too.

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Big thread on this already:

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