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Introducing myself from Spain


My name is Ruben. I discovered I was having quite a bit of free time, so I decided to get my hands dirty in some projects. I intend to write and direct some amateur short projects, but since my education on the field is not as complete as I would like, I joined this forum with the intention of reading and discussing ideas and thoughts.

Also, I compose music. I won't announce it here (I will open a separate thread later on), but after so many years of "absorbing" film music, I believe that I have enough knowledge to contribute to short films, games and other things, plus, I have a genuine love for the field, so you can expect me in the proper sub-forum discussing soundtracks!

So now you know my projects and intentions. I hope to keep reading interesting stuff and learning. I did video production at the university, which was enough to do some assignments and shot with a bit of knowledge, but there is a whole world in front of me to explore.

See you soon!
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