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Ideas for places to rehearse/audition actors

I'm trying to think of a good place to hold auditions/do rehersals. I live in Brighton, England if that's any help. I've looked at reharsal rooms which you can hire for about 10 per hour but mainly they are for bands so they won't have much room especially as they usually have a drum kit in the room. And are probably quite noisy as other bands will be using the next door rooms.

Any other ideas of places where you can rehearse or audition actors?
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schools, rent a club during daytime, contact empty store owners if you can borrow their premises for a day, ask local theater groups if you can borrow their spaces, and they can audition etc etc...
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You could always try video auditions. Get them to record and send it to you.


Johnny McCaffery

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Community halls. I use one in Central London (zone 1) which is just a 2 minute walk from the tube. It's perfect and because I have volunteered my time for a community project, I get it free. Others have to pay but in my case it's a quid pro quo situation.
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