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Looking for a composer for a low budget feature

I'm currently in the editing stage on my shoestring budget feature film. We shot it on the Red and captured great sound... now all I need is some great music to back it up. It's an 80 minute sci-fi drama and Shane Carruth's Primer was an inspiration for me the whole way through... and thus as is his minimalist/ambient soundtrack. I don't have the budget to pay very much at all (to the point where I might as well not pay at all and avoid insulting anyone) but if you're looking to gain experience and an imdb credit, give me a shout. computer.guy78 at yahoo dt com

If possible, a sample of your work that is somewhat similar to the following would be helpful:
Reznor and Ross - "Hand Covers Bruise" - youtube.com/watch?v=9SBNCYkSceU
Shane Carruth - "Little Victory" and "Copies of Copies" - amazon.com/Primer-Score/dp/B00120ANJK/

If submitting your website, please specify which one or two tracks I should listen to. Thanks so much for the interest.

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Email Address Correct?

Hey There,

I've tried to apply for this job, but I can't get a hold of you through the email address you've posted. I keep getting error messages that the address doesn't exist. Could you please update your email address or pm me? Thank you very much!

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