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My new animated short feature about what motivates/keeps me going as an artist :)

Hey please check out my latest animated feature, originally it was going to be for a project, but plans have changed so now just using it as a conceptual idea


Thank you

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I kinda like this, maybe it's the music, some bits went on a bit longer than they should have, but I guess it was in time with the music, for some reason it reminds me of Sesame Street when I was younger good work
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Thank you for having a look and for the feedback

I think you're right about the timing with the music, originally the music was violin music which I licensed, when I changed plans with the project though I tried to find a suitable replacement music and then swapped them out, so although close, the music doesn't quite have the right synergy as the original.

haha classic sesame street I still remember some of their animations to this day!
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