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Audio Issue when playing hi def video through HDMI

I'm new to these forums so sorry if this isnt the category for this thread.
I am burning a music video I made onto blu ray and am having audio issues when playing it on my LG BD670 blu ray player.

When the sound kicks in at the beginning, there is a second of lag. The audio is in sync with the video, but it doesn't start until a few seconds after the video starts.

The see the video I am using, go here:

Right where the music starts is where the problem starts. The odd thing is that if I rewind the blu ray and play it over, it plays back fine. I have to turn the blu ray player off and back on to reproduce the problem.

Additionally, this only occurs when viewing the video in hi def. It happens when I connect the player to my tv using HDMI cables or when I view the video on youtube through the player in hi def. When view the BR using the standard composite cables, there is no problem at all.

I am using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and Adobe Media Encoder CS5 to render the video and Adobe Encore CS5 to author the disc image. Here are the settings I am using:

Upper Frames First
video bitrate: CBR 35mbps
audio format: PCM, 48kHz, 16bit

No matter what bitrate I set the video to, I still get the audio problem. I've rendered the video at 10mbps and it still occurs.

I've also made sure that the firmware on my BR player is updated.

I'm at a loss here so any help would be appreciated. The only thing I can think of is getting a new HDMI cable. If that is the problem, then is there a specific HDMI cable I should buy?

Thank you!
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