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Hello everyone!
my name is Nichole. I have recently attended a couple different film schools but unfortantly, due to funds, have been unable to attain my degree. I have had an internship at a local production company in my area and I have helped on several independent film sets. I want to learn all I can with film and I dont think I will ever be able to afford school so Im trying to make it without a degree. I have written a couple screenplays and am working on one at the moment. My dream is to direct one day.
Anywayz im looking for other filmmakers who are eager to make awesome films! haha
If anyone needs extra hands on set in the pittsburgh area I am fulling willing to give up my days off to help out! (no pay required)
I also would like to relocate (ive moved around alot lately and would like to continue traveling) so if anyone knows of any film work anywhere, i am willing to move

thanks so much for your time
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Ernest Worthing
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I admire your perseverance.
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If you have passion for film, Nichole, you already have beaten the people who have only passion for themselves. Welcome!
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Welcome! And I think the approach you're taking now might get you farther than film school alone. Sadly, we aren't in Pittsburgh, but keep it up!
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If you want to direct, what's stopping you from getting your own camera and shooting your own stuff (besides monies)?
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I am here in Pittsburgh, but as a composer, I usually get called in after the shoot! I do know some people though, so I'll ask around and see if anyone's shooting now or soon. A good friend of mine is putting together a project now; if it gets off the ground, it'll be pretty great, but I don't know how close he is (he usually does scriptwriting for other directors).

Some suggestions though: make a flyer saying you're looking to assist on a shoot. Go to Pittsburgh Filmmakers (in North Oakland), and hang it on their bulletin board. While you're there, scan the board for "help wanted" notices; there usually are a few. Do the same at the Art Institute (though usually they're stricter about letting people in; you might need to con your way past a guard or two). Check out the Pittsburgh Film Workers Association (http://www.pghfwa.com/ though they rarely update their site) and the Pittsburgh Film Office (http://www.pghfilm.org/). They will help you get on a production as an extra or a PA. There you can talk to and meet other local extras and PAs, and dollars to donuts, one of them will be working on an indie project. Do the 48 in the summer (http://www.48hourfilm.com/pittsburgh/)...if you don't know enough people to start your own team, look up last year's teams on facebook/youtube and ask if you can help next year.

And, as Wombat says, if you can get a camera and some friends together, you're on your way! It's not a bad town for film, really!
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Feutus Lapdance
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HAhahahahhahaha....that was a fun movie. Sound could have been a bit better through.....
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directing, film, lighting, screenwriting, sound

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