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The King's Speech: A
12 Angry Men: A+
Black Swan: A +
True Grit: B
The Tourist: C+

I've been watching a lot of recent releases, but I saw "12 Angry Men" a few weeks back. That one is my top pick from the list; definitely a film that all cinephiles and critics MUST watch at least once.
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Nowhere Boy - 9/10. The John Lennon biopic by Sam Taylor-Wood starring Aaron Johnson (Kick Ass) and Kristin Scott Thomas. Very cool look at the early life of John Lennon and his struggles with teenage angst. A great idea for a film - very well acted and directed. Looking forward to seeing more from both Taylor-Wood and Aaron Johnson after watching this film.

Red Hill - 8/10. I really enjoy Ryan Kwanten as Jason Stackhouse on True Blood and I have been very interested to see him in another role outside of that character. Here was my opportunity. He did not disappoint with his performance. In fact I'd say he steals the show. As Capone from AICN said "Kwanten is utterly badass." Don't let the fact that this is not a well know film fool you, it's an excellent suspense/thriller.

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Don't laugh but it's the last one...

Blade 2

3 out of 5 stars...
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Okay, I've never liked horse movies. But I watched Disney's Secretariat last night, and it wasn't bad. Especially for Disney.
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I see a bunch of movies in the theater...so here's a recent rundown:

The Way Back 7.5
No Strings Attached 7
Green Hornet 5
The Dilemma 6.5
Black Swan 7.5
True Grit 8+
The Fighter 8.5
Tron: Legacy 6

I really enjoyed The Fighter for the performances of everyone involved and True Grit was very good too. I think Black Swan is a little overrated but it is a good performance from Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis.

The Way Back is being overlooked. It's a good flick with good performances. I have to admit that while I can't rate Tron: Legacy very high...I thought it was better than a lot of folks I'd heard speak about it. Maybe it was Olivia Wilde or something but I liked it well enough while I was watching it.

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Julie & Julia

Thought it was very sweet. But Im a big sap anyway..
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Enter the Void

Enter the Void - 10/10

I thought the film was excellent - the best film I have seen in recent years. Certainly the most visually striking film I have ever watched. I say that without hesitation. Gaspar Noe is an artist through and through. And a ballsy one at that. At the very least, you have to respect him for an attempt at greatness. And further, you have to give him credit (in my eyes) for the groundbreaking cinematography achieved in the film. I was enthralled by the entire film.

I would advise everyone to see Enter The Void.

Here's a clip from the film I came across. Gives you a little taste of what I'm talking about (with the visuals)


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Camera Obscura
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The Parking lot Movie! 9/10
Im actually suprised i havent seen it anywhere on here, its like the perfect indie film ( meaning really anyone here could have made it). Its like a clerks in documentary form ( philosophy like ) . I think the peeps on this forum would really digg it so check it out its on netflix instant
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Piranha 3D - 9/10. I thought Alexandre Aja did an amazing job with Piranha 3D. I had high expectations for him after The Hills Have Eyes. He did not disappoint. Totally worth the purchase in my opinion, esp for Aja fans, such as myself. Pick it up in Blu-ray 3D if you can - totally enhances the experience. Awesome, awesome film.

Red Band Trailer attached.

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Tin man 10/10!
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Flicker Pictures
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Just saw "Black Swan" today. Excellent!

Black Swan - 5 of 5

Winter's Bone - 5 of 5

Exit Through The Gift Shop - 5 of 5

Honorable Mention because its a tv episode: Masters of Horror: "Cigarette Burns" - 5 of 5 LOVED it.

-- spinner
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Das Boot
Deserves 9.8/10. Great acting. Score was stuck in my head, and still is. Best submarine war film i've ever watched.
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Most recently:

The Tourist. 2/5
Not really entertaining. Nicely shot, but otherwise bland, predictable, and more than a bit stuck-up.

The Town 4/5
Great crime movie, interesting plot and tense action compounded by the fact that Affleck starred and directed. I was really impressed with this movie. The ending was a little lacking, and I thought that some of the tenser dialog was a little overacted, but... my own opinion. Also, I went in because Jeremy Renner was on the poster looking cool, and I was not disappointed. He completely stole the show, best supporting actor nod well-deserved, IMO.
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The King's Speech
Fantastic film, well directed, fantastically written and wonderfully acted from Firth's performance as the King (Oscar worthy, I definitely think he'll win it) to Geoffrey Rush as Lionel. The script was fantastic from the serious drama which encompassed most of it to some of the brilliantly funny one liners like the King saying "timing isn't my strong suit" while fighting his stutter.
It's also one of the most emotionally arresting films I've seen in years, partly due to the masterful acting and partly because it's based on history, you really find your self emotionally invested in the characters.
The only thing that stops it getting a perfect ten is the cinematography, which I felt was too static and slightly awkward at times.
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