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Free e-marketing services for members!

Friends this message is regarding free E-marketing service from me.


Few months back I started learning SEO and i am nearly at the ending phase of learning SEO (search engine optimization) and hope fully I will get my certification soon. Therefore I decided to put my knowledge into practice and so I am here. Before starting anything I want to clear one thing that I am not an expert and there fore I am not charging any money (Read the second last paragraph)

Further Details
If you are a provider of any product or service and you want to come at top on google ranking then I will try my level best to help you out. You can email me the complete details on adeel_akhter45@yahoo.com with the subject SEO enquiry. You must mention following things

Your Real Name
Product or service details.
Complete address of the head office (if any) or the address of the owner of the business owner (it will be help full in my SEO).

Note: Don’t use abbreviations like NY for New York, write the complete words. Kindly also do remember one thing. You don’t have to pay me but you might need some money to redesign your website ( it completely depends upon the design of your website. More over you will have to contact your local web developer for redesigning of the web site. If you are looking at me for that then let me tell you i will have to hire one from my city for you which will surely be cheaper then your local developer but still he will charge something).

Payment Issue
I will be providing me services free and it completely depends upon you that if you think I should get something for the time I have spend, I will be thankful to you. And if your pocket doesn’t allow you to do so, well it is still ok.
I will be working on behalf of you to promote the site and surely I will not do any thing which is unethical or illegal (like black hat SEO).

The last thing and the most important thing is that kindly do not expect that i will accept all the request (what if i get 50 requests at the same time ).

Looking forward for the response

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