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Indie movie looking for music score

I have finished an indie feature length film and now I am looking for someone to score the picture. Anyone want to get involved in a great movie project and show their music to film festivals and maybe wide release?
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Moved to correct forum. Good luck.
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I would have a go but im not sure how much experience you want from the composer as i'm relatively new to composing, well about 4 months to be exact. any details on the film? I use Reason and a M audio midi and also have other quipment
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re: film score


I would be interested in scoring the film for you. I have already scored some short pieces, and worked on sound design for some low-key productions. If you could e-mail me a scene or short sample of the movie I could do some rough ideas for you, or if you send a synopsis I could come up with some ideas?

I am keen to expand my portfolio and would be very excited to have my work shown to a wider audience.

I have my own small studio setup, and also access to university studios and facilities (as I am about to complete a degree in creative music tech) including Logic Pro and Pro Tools suites.

Are you looking for sound design also or just a musical score?

Also is there any kind of budget or deferred payment or is it a voluntary project?

Please e-mail me at thevaleguitarist@googlemail.com and let me know.


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Hello; my name is Cliff Weinstein. I am an experienced freelance composer and would love to score your film. I work "pro bono"; I only ask that my name appear on the credits and that you refer others to me if you are pleased with my work. You can listen to samples at my MySpace page.

Please contact me at cweinstein.music@gmail.com if you are interested.

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I am an Emmy award-winning composer, and am seeking film projects to further my career as a film composer. Although I'm not free, I am currently charging only a nominal amount for films. My website has a number of cues... the ones from the film "Revamped" are very orchestral, and show the realism I'm able to obtain with virtual instruments.

Please have a look and listen at my site:

The contact page has my email address if you'd like to communicate further. Best of luck with your film.

Regards, David
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Composer Job

Hi!! My name is Ross O'Connor and I would be extremely interested in your project. PLease reply if it is still available. You can check out some of my stuff at http://www.rossoconnormusic.com. Looking forward to hearing what you think.
Thanking you
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Hi, my names Tom Bailey, and I'm a post graduate composer, song writer, producer and multi instrumentalist from Brighton, UK. This project sounds very interesting, and I would love to be a part of it. You can hear some examples of my work at this link: http://www.youlicense.com/UserDetails.aspx?User=tbailey

Hope to hear from you soon!
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John T Marrin
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I would be interested in taking a look at your film. You can check out my portfolio at johntmarrin.com . You can also contact me through the site contact page. Have fun and keep making films.


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I create affordable original music by real musicians, not loops and samples.

I have a network of musicians that can deliver any genre on any deadline. Although much of our work has been for TV, we're looking to get involved with the right film. Please let me know if there are any specific demos I can send you.


Best Wishes,

John Presley
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You may be interested in the music that I can bring to your film, if you haven't settled on a composer yet. You can hear some examples of past work at http://www.myspace.com/joshloughrey and I would be more than happy to demo a scene for you at no charge.

Best of luck with your film!
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Soundtrack Artist


My name is Travis Trapane, also Known as Dj Blade Runner. I write music scores and have many samples. I also have tools to create the sound track and add it directly to the film if it is sent to me as an AVI or WMA.
If you would like a Small sample visit:


If you want to hear more samples I have a vast array of music done by me from the beginning of my career till now at:


I am currently seeking films that are in need of music and I am open to score a good deal on compensation such as; Credit placements, Imdb recognition, the ability to create and sell the movie soundtrack and/or royalty based if you are not looking for a full time artist.

Please get a hold of me if you are still seeking artists for any film. dosdbr@gmail.com
you can also visit Dj Blade Runner's Sub Official Site

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Sounds very interesting! Have a listen to some of my music here and let me know what you think:



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Music score

Hi there im interested in this. Sounds good. Im will to do this for free as im looking to build my portfolio so please get in touch if your interested.

You can listen to some of my work at www.deanmcginnes.com

email dean.mcginnes@virgin.net

thanks and hope to hear from you !
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hi....V r INTERESTED in doing the project if ur interested plz contact at


I'm sure v can give you the best score
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