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My name is Joe Compton and I have an online platform called GoIndieNow http://goindienow.com.

Having been a filmmaker, a published author, and having so many artist friends in music and other art forms I essentially wanted to create an environment that brings us all together. Somewhere that supports, highlights, and fosters all Indie artists from all disciplines and art forms. I aim to show there are artists out there making things happen, doing it their own way, and in doing so not having to compromise the art while still showing business savvy.

Mainly how I do all this a series of online shows on my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/joecompton73

There's the COFFEE BREAK, which is a series of rapid fire questions that features one artist per show and I try to do weekly.

There's the FLAGSHIP SHOW, which is called...wait for it...that's right...GOINDIENOW. I do that one monthly and it features 3 or 4 interviews and segments that help INDIES get the word out like NEW RELEASES . Plus we do review segments. ALSO I take the entire interviews I feature and post them as audio podcasts here: goindienow.podbean.com.

SOMETHING ELSE I STARTED with the Flagship show, is showing short films during the credits. I started that 2 episodes ago. So if you have a short film out there or you want a new audience, definitely get in touch with me. I will feature it on the show during the credits.

LASTLY the other show I do is LIVE MONTHLY PANEL DISCUSSION Show, where I have 5 or 6 panelists and we discuss Indie issues and give insights and account experiences that Indies and people wanting to do what we do might love to hear and benefit from.

My next LIVE PANEL Is Saturday Oct. 22nd and it is an all Film and film Industry related panel, so again I would love if any of you want to do it, to get in touch with me.

I hope some of you check it out and want to be on because I would love to interview more Indy film folks and all of you here for the online shows. Go to my sign-up form for interviews (http://goindienow.com/showguestlinks) and I will get right back to you to schedule it.

I want to give you all an new outlet to be seen. Like I said I am growing and it may not look like much now but for those who donít know me, ask about me to those who do. They will tell I work hard and I am going to make this show a success and the audience will grow and grow. So come be a part of this with me. Letís tell the world about what you are doing. Thanks everybody for your time.


Joe Compton
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