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Philip (Short Film)

This is a somewhat surreal experimental film of mine done recently on Halloween. I actually play the character philip in the costume. I did most of the smooth camera shots but I had a friend of mine did a lot of the camera work so he didn't do a good job with holding it still. Hope ya guys like it

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Interesting. Just out of curiosity why do you consider this experimental? It's shot in a very conventional manner (even the hand held work), and with the use of the sound track with lyrics it seems more like an edgy music video. It's not a traditional narrative so are you experimenting with a plotless concept, or a visual experience?

- Wolf
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Found it interesting that you've risen the stakes through increasing camera shakes. Sort of replaced storytelling with camera terror, but now I read that it wasn't intentional. Maybe you shouldn't talk too much and let the art speak for itself?
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What is the point of the movie?
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Sorry I haven't replied sooner. So for most of you who are curious about the film. I've seen some experimental films and all and I find them more like a show off and yes with some meaning to it so that's how I thought of the idea for Philip I got the name from the satanic symbol known as "Black Philip". Originally I tried to find the darker version of it but such a mask just doesn't exist yet. This film is particularly just a show off in my view as I've seen through most films. I've made some other short films that weren't written as a script 'cause I wanted to practice more on style than substance. I'm more into the atmosphere of cinema with a living breathing character into the frame which is why I'm heavily influenced by filmmakers Dario Argento and Michaelangelo Antonioni.
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was good at 1st then i started to lose interest which i dont normally do i like to watch a whole short before i decide but camera work was good music was ok lovely close shots
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