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Directing & Assertiveness

I wanted to get peeps opinions about directing & assertiveness.

I've been told a few times that people say I'm not assertive enough when directing. I've never felt I didn't achieve what I set out to do, but most of the time I'm working against forces that are more external (budget, time constraints etc) and also because a majority of the time I'm taking on about 15 roles as well as directing.

I also like to improvise and makes things feel fresh, and I'm always up for listening to other peoples opinions. I'd like to say I laid the seeds and let people bring their own interpretation, whether it be actor or DOP.

I've studied other directors approaches to filmmaking, and some are more fast and loose, and some are very strict. Kubrick for example rarely gave directions to actors between takes, he would just say "Do it again." Whereas with the camera work he was very determined about where the camera was set. Mike Leigh is very focused on collaborating with the actors, getting the best performance, but usually leaves the camera work to the DOP, obviously because he comes from a theatre background.

Is this something you guys struggled with?
Would you say that assertiveness is wholly not necessary in certain situations?
What would you recommend to improve on this skill?
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