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How many hours on an average do you give to films

everyday? I mean anything related to film as a career- making shorts, watching film related stuff online, watching a film, reading scripts, playing with camera, reading books? Apart from the day to day life that takes away your time- 5 hours? 8? Just on an average
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film guy
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El Director
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I would say an easy 12 hours for me. I work in the industry as a VFX sup, so that's a big chunk. When I'm home, I always have a movie on, even while cooking. Most evenings are spent on the couch watching movies, working on movies, and researching new techniques. About the only time I'm not doing something film related is when I'm sleeping or working out.
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I literally watch a film every day, twice if I can... Plus I've got to balance work, social media, and gaming, xD so it's tough.
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I think for a lot of us, movies are our life and so it's constant - you're either working on something (for way too many hours per day) or you're not and you're watching film, watching television (or SVOD), researching, chatting on forums, trying different things etc.

I don't know that I ever truy 'unwind' - in such a way that someone from a 'normal' job might expect unwinding to be (i.e. without any reminders or connections to their day job).

I once had a Director ask what my hobbies were on the weekend. I struggled and had to say 'uh I take my camera out and shoot stills?'

Hardly an unrelated hobby. I think they might have been expecting 'play cricket' or something like that. But this is my life - maybe that makes me boring...
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I guess I'm lucky, I get to watch a movie almost every day at work. Include what I watch at the cinema/home, that'd put the movie watching at about 8 to 15 hours a week.

We do about 8 to 10 hours of film related training at work every week. If time permits, I do about 5 to 10 hours outside work, but it's not always film related.

Playing with technology, filming, post prod and script reading is variable. It's getting less with my managerial duties, so 5 to 20 hours per week.
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Alan Smithee
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about 5 minutes
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