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Establishing Shots podcast

Hi all! Been a while since I was posting regularly here, so apologies for the drive-by promotion (though I can assure you all that I do still frequently check-in and read through the boards).

For those who don't know which I imagine is almost all of you, how times have changed... I've taken a step away from filmmaking in recent years to focus on my career, which is/was journalism, but has now segued into podcasting. I've been producing podcasts professionally for the last few years and started my own company to do so in April (prior to that I ran the podcasting operation of a magazine). I primarily do current affairs, economics, politics, management podcasts, that sort of thing, but I've allowed myself a small indulgence in order to start Establishing Shots, which is a podcast about filmmaking, aimed at indie filmmakers. It's going to feature lots of interviews with people from different parts of the industry, but with the focus aimed at getting practical tips and advice for indie filmmakers.

I've just released the first episode, which was with Chloe Trayner who's the associate director of Open City Documentary Festival. For those who don't know, Open City is probably the UK's second biggest documentary film festival after Sheffield Doc/Fest. Unfortunately, it was quite a short interview and was recorded in a very tricky environment at the back of the festival hall, but there's some interesting stuff in there, particularly about the submissions process and how their curate their content. Would be very grateful for anyone giving it a listen.

Listen here

And do subscribe on iTunes if this is of interest. I'm hoping to attract a partner sponsor in the next few weeks, so feel free to DM me if you have any tips!
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