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DIY Camcorder Rigs

Hi All
I have recently moved from shoulder mount analogue cameras to DV (yeah, I know it's 2007). After getting 2 Panasonic MiniDV Camcorders I was horrified to find out that they are so tiny you just cannot hand hold them so I decided to make some DIY rigs to help my film making as commercial stuff has crazy prices!!

So far I have made a whole bunch of really useful goodies and they all cost me less than $50 and if I can make 'em anyone can!! Thought I would share my DIY page with everyone so they can benefit too!!


I'll gladly answer questions but sorry I don't make these for sale!! you have to build them yourself but the result is well worth it!!!

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Will Vincent
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So.. you say you built all of these things for under $50? I can't believe all the parts for everything were under $50.

Maybe it's just be, but when you say "share your DIY page" that conjures in my head an image of free instructions, yet... you're selling the plans for $50.
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Thanks for your offer to share your information...

...but seeing as you charge people to download the tutorials, I'm moving this post to our classified ads section.
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I like the Versatile Camcorder Car Mount Rig, the prices seems quite reasonable, thanks, I will have look into this.
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