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5/23 Update: Working on fine details for our new launch. Posting is disabled until further notice.
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Truby's blockbuster software

I regularly read John truby's articles about writing. In one of his promotional spam emails I got this :

In my last email we talked about the challenges you face as a writer, and I promised to show you a system that will get your story planning for any movie, novel, or TV show down to less than 40 hours.

When some writers hear me say that, they object before I can provide even one word of proof.

Skip to the front of the line and get the Blockbuster Story Software for a Thanksgiving 50% discount

Here’s normally what they say:

1. “That’s not creative. When I get a story idea, I just want to start writing and let the characters tell me where they want to go.”

Sounds great… but the reality? After an initial creative burst, you get 15-20 pages into the story, and you find you’ve written yourself into a dead end. You suffer from severe writer’s block and finally give up.

This approach is probably the most uncreative thing you can do.

2. “Writing is so hard, and my critical voice is so strong, that I just want to get the basic story down on paper. I’ll do a quick pass on the first draft, and fix everything in the rewrite.”

Again, sounds like a terrific plan. But even if you actually get to the end of the first draft (see Objection 1), your story now has deep structural problems embedded in cement.

3. “Using computer software to structure a story is paint-by-numbers, and will give me a generic script.”

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Let me explain why…

You need a detailed writing process to do the heavy lifting.

In any story that is going to work at the professional level, you have to connect hundreds of story elements into a beautifully woven tapestry. Not just the genre beats, but the elements of premise, character, symbol, theme and dialogue.

And you need to keep all of that in your head, and access the right pieces at the right moment during your writing sprints. This is nearly impossible to do.

But what if you could take advantage of the tremendous power of the computer to sort and hold content in various (useful!) combinations?

What you’d find is that this would free you up to be maximally creative, because your mind is now free to do what it’s great at: focus on two or three story elements and always choose the one that’s best.

Your Solution: Blockbuster Story Software

What a relief that something like this already exists!

Blockbuster Story Software is the system that layers in the structure necessary to write your story at the highest level. The software walks you through:

• the 7-step story structure

• then the 22 steps (you also need to pick your genre because these steps will vary dramatically depending on what genre you are trying to write)

• then it will coach you to develop your main characters and create your character web

• then layer in the moral dilemmas and the revelations (all the revelations needed in the correct order for your genre, including self-revelations and audience revelations)

• then it helps you map out a scene by scene sequence to create the maximum amount of narrative drive.

Letting Blockbuster Story Software do the heavy lifting for you, you can rapidly get to the strongest scene list, and get the writing done with ABSOLUTE CLARITY…

… and still maintain your sanity!

To write a story this good without the software would take you an epic amount of time (from 1 year to 10 years and counting)… and struggle.

Yet with it, I’m getting reports of new writers taking less than 40 hours to map out whole novels!

Not only that, but by doing all the deep structural planning at the beginning, and letting Blockbuster connect all the story elements under the surface, your first draft is 10 times better and each rewrite moves your story closer to greatness.

Because I believe so strongly that the Blockbuster Story Program will allow you to overcome the major story challenges you face writing for the worldwide market, I’m putting Blockbuster on sale for the lowest price of the year.

“Yes John, I’m in. Let me purchase Blockbuster for 50% off”

Don’t stay hung up on the old way of writing that takes years of struggle, and doesn’t come close to producing your best work.

Story productivity is about writing a better story, with less pain, in a lot less time.

Go ahead and jump on this offer, while it’s still active. The price will go back up in a few days’ time.

I was wondering what professional writers here make of this. Is the stuff he's saying true? I'm not talking about the software but more about the general notes he made in above text.

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Wel it could be helpful for a new writer. But for a 179,-??? But perhaps this would be better....


Film Riot did some promotion for them..... I like to work with something fisical when I travel... this would be a better tool.
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Yeah. To be honest I don't even know if pros follow this complicated structure ( Genre beats, story beats, ..) consciously. I'm not sure if that 22 genre beat steps is something that pros take into account before starting to write.
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